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Event Notes

Quarterly Networking Functions. 

In the Washington DC area, we hold quarterly networking functions three times a year.  For details, see the event calendar, or stay tuned to the weekly member bulletin.

Typically, we charge $30 per person, which includes refreshments, plus light cocktail snacks. There is a bar in the room where we serve ourselves with beer, wine, and soft drinks available. Spouses are welcome to attend with their fee also being $30.

We have learned over time that while we gather regularly 3 times a year in Washington, DC, the mix of our crowd is quite different every time. All of us travel a lot and/or have conflicting events involved with our day job on the nights of the TFGON receptions, so we never end up with our same attendees being able to make all events. Add to this that we regularly add new members each month and these new faces also begin to attend. The bottom line is that we have a unique and different group of flag and general officers for each of us to network with every time we meet. 

To ensure that everyone that attends DOES get to meet everyone else, at 7 p.m. we gather in a circle and we go "round the room" with each of us introducing ourselves, talking a bit about what we did during our uniformed service, and also indicating where we work and what we do if post-military or where we currently serve in uniform if still on ACDU. This makes it easy for everyone to identify others they still would like to network with and they can accomplish that during the final hour of the event. Active duty flag and general officers are welcomed as both members and attendees, and we always have several that are in attendance. For those in uniform, our uniform dress code is "what you wore to work that day". All members are also always welcome to bring any flag or general officer as their guests to introduce them to the group.

For a calendar of events, see the “Events” tab.